And that was the story today, more wonderful creations to admire. While visiting the Ggantija Temples, of which I will write at some later stage, we experienced a wonderful outing, very interesting, the ancient works of mankind. And yet the eye did wander off to where the flowers, and the insects were. And here are some to share.

13 thoughts on “WONDERFUL EARTH

  1. that’s such a wonderful gallery, dear Agnes. I love these huge yellow butterflies which you can find in Greece, too, as well as the flowers. This seems to be an enchanted place. Kind regards Mitza

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      1. No, I believe that you can taste the limestone rocks and herbs. When I buy honey in Greece it tastes very different from ours, you can also taste the wild herbs in it, it’s delicious. Have a nice weekend, dear Agnes, kind regards Mitza

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  2. The old stone constructions seem so much more a part of the landscape, in harmony with the insects and flowers. To paraphrase Mary, who needs steel and glass? Lovely gallery.

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    1. Very true! The houses, the older ones anyway, are made in this limestone, and we have been living in them now for two months, and it feels like we are living in a cave, in the sense that the natural stone is surrounding us constantly, it is a lovely feeling, especially were we are used to wood or plaster. This is an incredible experience.


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