From inert fossils and lichens, to the very much alive and energetic lizards, bees and ants, and a huge range of other creatures, the flowers, trees, the amazing rocks and limestone buildings, the land here has such riches to offer for the eye and the mind.  It will take me a while to analyse it all.  I have taken so many photos while here, and I still have so much in mind to write about.  I am still finding out about the agriculture, the organic and permaculture on Gozo.  I’m also reading up about the local bees, the honey, the production of local wines, the economy of the land.  I have met local people on buses and in shops and we have had great chats, I have also visited the libraries and talked with people at an art exhibition.  I find the Gozitans very approachable, they are friendly people and welcoming to strangers.



15 thoughts on “SOME THOUGHTS

  1. I love the way you take you time to immerse yourself in a place. It’s been lovely reading your posts and seeing your lovely photos.

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  2. I guess it will be hard to leave?

    It is great that you have been able to see and appreciate are so much… When I went to Japan a couple of years ago, I would love to have done more but with a seven-year-old based in Tokyo without Japanese…..

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      1. It is true, and I do have more plans for Gozo, hence the close look at things. This ‘time’ is a real soul searching time for me, all good.:-)


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