Sometimes Ireland is called ‘the emerald country’, and it is no wonder, it is called this way because of the regular rain, this green is always a most beautiful, fresh and profuse colour. Seen from the sky the landscape does look like an emerald jewel.

So it was no surprise that I found young green foliage today along the side of a country road.  Though early in the year, there are signs of a rebirth, and of green in the hedgerows.  The Fuchsia hedges have brown branches with here and there young leaves opening up.  The ferns are enjoying this particularly wet winter, a delight for the eye, their lacy leaves unfurling with a vigour that would surprise you, though having said that, some of the leaves had fringes of brown.

Nature is waking up slowly, spring can start very early in South West of Ireland.  Even the birds songs are changing just lately.







The lesser celandine plants are almost ready to flower.


  1. Oh I am so jealous of you green… today was the coldest day so far this winter with a temp of 3 degrees F. not sure what that would be in C. but I am guessing toooo cold for anyone to be outside. They delayed the opening of Christopher’s school today because frostbite could set in if skin was uncovered in 15 minutes…. burrrr. So spring is still two or three months away and I am just thinking I should move to Ireland at this point!

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    1. Yes I can imagine that Jolynn, wow but that sounds cold! Frostbite! or the danger of frostbite! Here it is pleasant but the bugs are not being killed off so very many people get viruses as a result.

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  2. Given that Nature is so rich with green, I ‘ve sometimes wondered if the color holds a special vibration, a special encoded reminder that evokes the spirit of renewal, hope and refreshment . . . and as such is a great gift to us. Love the photos. Hard to know when spring will peak through here in the Ozarks, given today’s weather patterns, but I’m guessing about 6 – 8 weeks.

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