Though colder the last few days, we are experiencing some sharp frost and even snow not too far away, there are nevertheless signs of early, very early spring and new life.

I took a stroll through the garden today, underfoot the grass is still very wet, because of the very mild but wet winter so far the slugs have not hibernated in great numbers and have been eating my kale with a relish, meanwhile creating real pieces of lacy art.

I found some white fungi on logs that are lying around waiting for dryer weather and to be stored properly.  Our little Korean Fir is back outside after the Christmas festivities, there are signs of new growth, fresh and delicate, a delight to the eye.

The sprouts, leeks and parsley are doing great in the garden, the rhubarb though, has disappeared, and as a result of all the damp and wetness there is moss to be discovered, beautiful bottle green moss, growing healthily and bountifully.

Normally during January I start to get a real early ‘spring’ feeling and it releases a lot of energy, the last few years this did not happen, however, this January I got the feeling back again, my energy is on the up, full of plans and excitement for the coming year, whether it is in the garden or in the house, the plans are being laid.  I have always like this saying:

Early in the year, early in the week, early in the day…. that is how I like to get things done, it works for me.  At the same time, life is not all about ‘doing’, it’s much about ‘being’.

I guess a balance in everything is the best.


Korean Fir
Korean Fir new leaves
Hydrangea buds
A fungus in the garden
Bud on the Woodbine
Winter Brussels sprouts
Kale leaf after slugs
Moss in the garden

13 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. Spring is just around the corner and good to hear your energy levels are rising! I think I need brighter mornings before I feel the same benefit!

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  2. I’m pleased your Korean fir is doing so well but I’m sorry about your rhubarb. Perhaps that was a punishment for the abominations you grow that shouldn’t even be allowed to appear on the Christmas plate but once a year.I think Mary Tang is in need of treatment for her illness. When you come to eradicate the white fungus I think you should go further and finish the sprout off for good. It has tortured too many children for too long.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. I like your sense of humour! It’s funny how many people dislike sprouts 🙂 all they are is a mini cabbage, so cute! Cooked gently with lashes of butter, if you are not a vegetarian with some fried pork rashers cut up small, and bob is your uncle. Yes it is my first time growing sprouts, and they seem to grow very slowly.

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  3. Breathtaking images!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I have been dreaming for a garden for soo long
    I can feel it so close..I hope this year I will be able to find a home with a garden so I can plant my own veggies
    Looking forward to learning from your experience 🙂

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      1. Yes yes! Ive always grown herbs somehow and enjoyed it very much..Thank you so much for your wishes and yes, I am also looking forward to further exchange! Blessed weekend 🙂

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