Yesterday was a lovely spring day, full sunshine and only a little breeze, dry. My grandson Ruben was visiting and after cooking lunch together we decided to go and see which flowers and plants we would find in the hedgerow along our favourite walk. We took off in a gallop as Ruben is a very fit twelve and a half year old, he leads an active outdoor life and loves his gymnastics. During this walk he wanted to take photos and so, as you do, I handed him over my phone. Following are some of the pictures he took. I think he did very well and he concentrated on what was to be found hidden away, and finding he did; some water plants and fresh grasses. He also took a couple of photos while half climbing a tree. And in his pocket he carried a bag in case he came across other people’s rubbish! He is a good citizen in the making who cares about his environment. We both had an interesting time and we also had a good laugh and fun as he pushed me or pulled me and called me an old granny if I lagged behind because I was looking at some specimen of plants I wanted to have a closer look at, but all in good spirit of give and take. I felt very refreshed after our walk.

Above are five of Rubens photos, taken on our walk. He came across a ladybird, and was fascinated by a little brook and of what was growing in there.

Searching, observing and finding that spring has started and that lots of signs are to be seen all over the place.

It is lovely to see buds enlarging on the trees. This walk is safe as not many cars drive here, it eventually connects to the Castletown road at Rusha Mill. With the town of Skibbereen becoming more built up, this is a very valuable piece of rural beauty and long may it be that way.


    1. Thank you. Yes, all my grandchildren (5) are very much interested in nature. My grandson has down syndrome, he is very able, and a thoughtful and very gentle boy, I love him to bits, he is such a joy to be with.

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  1. Dankuwel. Het is mijn 3de corona besmetting & tevens de ergste want van de delta & omnikron variant totaal niet ziek geweest maar van deze nu echt wel hoor amai .. !! Van Stefanie is het haar 2de keer & ze is ook goed ziek ervan geweest. Het is een VIES beestje die corona ! xxx

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    1. Ik hoop dat jullie vlug weer beter worden David. Gelukkig staat de lente voor de deur en worden de dagen langer, en warmer. Hartelijke groetjes aan jullie allebei xxx


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