While I am recovering from covid infection my thoughts were turned to things that normally do not catch my attention so much. Of course I’ve had much more time to think, although during the first week it seemed my head was empty of any real musings and the fever probably was the cause of that. At the end of the second week now and finally starting to become human again. It was my first time having covid and it truly felt like a monster virus.

And so while sitting at my kitchen table, seeing some of the last of my Christmas decorations lying there waiting to be put away for another year, I was thinking… what gives me intense pleasure from the bling that I’m seeing? I’m not normally a typical bling person and in our tree my favourite bauble is no bauble at all but a little handmade piece of lace in the shape of a candle. And yet when my eyes chance to glance over these sparkling baubles it sets off a sort of childlike pleasure… is it the childhood memory of sparkling sweet wrappers which we only seldom were able to feast upon, or is it something more basic, is the reminder of a frosty morning when a winter’s sun makes branches and leaves sparkle like diamonds… I think it might be the latter, the beauty of nature when the sun illuminates the frost covered plants is definitely one of my great winter’s joys.

During this past Christmas I was given three books as presents, three wonderful books which I’ve already started to enjoy. All are about nature, one about the heartbeat of trees, one about the land and soil, and one about a journey into silence. In this last book the author talks about the search for the perfect moment, when there is a confluence of time and place and serendipity, all conspiring together to render a perfect moment (his words), He’s talking about his times he spent in nature and his meeting with the wild, with animals, birds and anything else he finds unexpectedly in wild places. I’m very much enjoying this book.

A lovely selection of reads for the foreseeable future that’s for sure.

31 thoughts on “THOUGHTS OF SPARKLE

  1. It’s good to know you’re feeling better after a bout of Covid. I think there’s something about light that lifts us whenever we see it, perhaps because sunlight is essential to our lives. Christmas lights and sparkles are no doubt linked to that need for the light. Look at how light is always portrayed as a positive force, whereas the darkness is evil.

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    1. I’m so appreciative of your thoughts Sarah, what you say makes so much sense and I’m glad your reminded me and everyone of the meaning of light in our lives, and especially during the dark winter months. Yes we definitely need that light, that sparkle. Thank you.

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  2. So sorry you had a bout of Covid, Agnes. Glad you are recovering, may you feel 100% soon.
    I’m drawn to the glitter of Christmas, too, and you may be right about it reminding us of the sparkles glinting off frost and snow on a crisp day.
    All three books you shared look enticing. I’m checking my library!

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  3. Was that ornament on top in the first photo a family heirloom ornament? I love those Czech bead ornaments. I have one in the shape of a bell that my mother gave me that used to hang on the family tree when I was growing up. I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering from COVID. I had it last May. It was 91F, and I had two farms to take care of. I’m thankful for my daughter who helped me take care of the animals. You are probably going to feel tired for a while. Take it easy and let your body recover.

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    1. Gosh I’m sorry to hear you had to take care of your farm while I’ll like that… however did you manage? Good that your daughter helped you though. Thanks for your comment.


      1. How did I manage? When I got to day 4 or 5 and things started to get really bad, I had my daughter do the heavy and outside work, and I cleaned barn and did the feeding because the work was lighter and the barn was a cooler place to work while running a fever. I really have felt for farmers during this pandemic because they can’t stop and rarely have employees to take up the slack when they are ill.

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