Yesterday we walked for a while along the fishing boats in Baltimore. I noticed the many types and colours of the nets and other items necessary these days for sea fishing, it inspired me to take photos. I loved the many different textures too that I noticed, the colours really catch the eye on the otherwise dull grey cement of the quayside. So it was a pleasure and delight to see. Even though a lot of these fishing nets are made of plastic, a material not as nice as rope. Baltimore is a small fishing village which attracts a lot of visitors, it is a delightful place to go on a warm summer’s evening and enjoy a cool drink out in the open with a view of Sherkin island in the distance. Very relaxing.



  1. we seem to like the same things, dear Agnes. I love to see the nets and fisherboats, too, when I’m in Greece. Hope you have a nice Pentecost, kind regards Mitza

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    1. And what a beautiful way to tell the story, no better person than yourself, I quote “all such hard working elements, only on temporary rest” I love that and it does sum it all up, thank you so much.

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