“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today’s gardening with my grandchild, so lovely, we cleared moss and grass from cement on the path to the front gate, she with her new wheelbarrow that she was given for her birthday, proudly wheeling it to a ditch to dump the stuff, loving it all.  All we left was this little bunch of daisies as it was such a brave and beautiful little plant to grow where it does.  We left it to grow in its own place where it had fought to be, it had seen an opportunity to grow on a little bit of soil between the cracks of the cement, and the rain had given it water.  Always lovely to see this happening.  Resilient little plant, brave too.



  1. How sweet of you and the granddaughter to work with the universe’s plan to support the daisy’s choice of habitats against the odds. They really do add so much to the garden. I admire how they recarpet the lawn mere days after a mowing.

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  2. In these days of showy multicoloured hybrids I’m glad you see you celebrating these simple daisies’ tenacity to life. How sweet it is to show a young child the miracles of nature.

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  3. wonderful to find beauty also in small things, dear Agnes. How does it feel to be home again? Lots of work, I guess. Do you have warm sunny weather, too? Kind regards Mitza

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