It is a fond goodbye to Gozo tomorrow morning early. I did my last walk along the cliffs this afternoon, noticing things that have given us so much joy, the sun most of all because we lack it so much back in Ireland, the flora and the fauna, the beautiful limestone rocks, the other visitors, most of them with smiles on their faces obviously enjoying similar sights to us, the colour of the sea which changes with subtle weather conditions, the sounds of the peacock, the geese, the starlings, and the crickets, the vantage point from our highly perched flat which has given us a fantastic eagle’s eye view over the sea and the village below. We have seen the sea boiling, producing white heads by strong winds, and we have seen the sea calm as a mirror, with colours of the water ranging from deep royal blue to a beautiful turquoise or azure blue. Here it has been a feast for the all our senses, we are very grateful that we had a full month of this soul nourishing holiday.



13 thoughts on “FARE THEE WELL XLENDI

  1. it really sounds like a “whale of a time” you had there, dear Agnes and now back to Ireland. I’m pretty sure that you have good weather now there, too. We have 26 degrees C, it’s like summer. Have a good flight home, kind regards Mitza

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  2. Yes, you may find the weather a little more pleasant now than when you left.

    Your description of the sea reminds me of my time in Greece. I feel homesick!

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  3. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. I feel slightly guilty that though I am not on holidays I can enjoy the sunshine and our harbour almost everyday. However, you did transport us to a different part of the world. Enjoy your journey home; there’s no place like home.

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  4. It’s been raining, gloomy and overcast here for most of the past six weeks.My friend in the Seattle area has had four times as many sunny days and Seattle is famous for soggy weather. I enjoyed a vicarious vacation in the sunthrough you when it was most needed and just the sort I would take myself, so thank you very much. I hope Ireland is a little brighter when you get home.

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