The sea was playing magic, shimmering in a thousand  sparkling mirrors of itself,

the sun, movement like a vibration, disappearing on the horizon,

two people appear out of this fragmented light – in a canoe –

they move fast into the still and aquamarine waters of the cave,

leaving no trail.

11 thoughts on “FRAGMENTED LIGHT

  1. It reminds me of the deep feelings that I always have in Greece as the landscape is nearly the same. Thanks for sharing, dear Agnes, have a wonderful day. Spring has come to Hamburg, the sun is shining at it’s best, kind regards Mitza

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  2. just beautiful… It reminds me of a poem I copied in my notebook, out of a book called ‘A book of beaty’, written by Gerald Bullet in his ‘Poems in Pencil’, 1937:

    “Nothing is lovelier than moving water,
    The diamond element, innumerable jewel,
    Brittle and splintering under the sharp sun,
    Yet softer than dove’s feathers, and more smooth
    Than down of swan.

    Nothing is lovelier than water lying still,
    When the moon takes that stillness for her glass.

    Wanted to share this with you all!

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    1. Thanks for sharing that poem which is beautiful and says exactly what I wanted to express too. Experiencing this beauty really does make one want to express it too.


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