I have just come off the phone from my sister Josefine in Belgium, and what we do not hear about in the news here I will tell.

The fact that in Mechelen, a town in Belgium, there has been a large gathering the other day of people of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths, all together in brotherly love, praying for peace.

If you just look at the news there is a lot of scare mongering going on, but it is not the way it is. The feeling is not that we should be scared of our neighbours, but that we should show them extra consideration and kindness, and in this way evil is not winning, but goodness is.

Just thought I would share this.


23 thoughts on “KINDNESS

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very comforting. And wonderful timing as I was just heading to bed with thoughts about the words of someone whom I spoke to in town today. She was walking into a bookstore and there was a Muslim inside with a backpack on and she felt scared and left. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn’t have those thoughts, but nonetheless, she left. I didn’t know what to say. I understood her fear because it is shoved at us from all directions. So happy I decided to read the ‘1 new post’ that appeared in my Reader. Sweet dreams. Xx

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    1. It can be hard to find the right balance between being alert and being fearful given, as you say, all the fear that is shoved at us. I give your woman in town credit for being honest about her feelings.

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    1. The flowers were a shop bought flowering plant, some type of aster I think. The butterfly is called Speckled Wood – Pararge aegeria , this type was attracted to some berries that were lying on the patio table šŸ™‚ it is said to be common all over Ireland.

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  2. Most people of all faiths are like us and we are not scary. The everyday Christians would be bewildered if people shun them; so are Muslims. However, the politicians and the media have created an atmosphere of fear and it is now normal to be suspicious of each other.

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  3. Lovely post – we are all humans and all the same. I quoted Desmond Tutu earlier this week and repeat it here – Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

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