While it has been windy for the past week, today was wilder still.  It has been drying out the garden which is good as the heavy rains have made it so sodden that doing any work in there is just impossible.  This wild weather has brought with it some amazing views of a watery sun this evening.  Birds have had their feathers ruffled big time, and they must have been very seasick from sitting on the swinging branches of the trees!  So far we still have electricity but a lot of the country are without it, I would not mind as I love candle light and we always have candles handy during winter time just to be prepared.  Right now the stove is roaring as the draft is strong, a lovely cosy evening with my partner, after a day making the kitchen ‘mouse’ proof, something that has to be done at the beginning of every winter, there should be nothing in paper or plastic, everything should be in strong glass containers, and now it is 🙂  it feels good to have done this, something I had on my list and can scratch out.


      1. Since they’ve been around a lot longer than we have I don’t try to eradicate them so I squash them if I see them and try not to leave food out to tempt them. Some of my friends puts everything in the refrigerator but I don’t like putting some fruit and vegetables in the fridge so I put up with the consequences. I don’t freak out at the sight of them like some people 🙂

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      2. I remember the last time I visited India, my room became invaded by cockroaches, hundreds of them they came out of a drain in the bathroom, they were on the walls and everywhere, but I had my mosquito net and was ok, only the owners of the room came to eradicate them. It was all part of an adventurous travel experience!

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  1. Mice here, too, every fall but this year it’s not so bad. I stuffed steel wool into every crevice I could find in the walls. This house is old and full of mouse-sized openings in the strangest places. And like you I put just about everything into glass and metal containers.

    Nice sunsets you’re having.

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  2. The electricity blinked occasionally here today, enough for me to get the candles in easy reach. I was thinking about the mice, grateful that the warm weather has kept them at bay for now, but that’s drawing to a close quickly. Maybe it’s just me, but it hasn’t felt so cold yet, though the fire is needed for laundry’s sake as we don’t use a dryer. Your photos have a very wintry feel and perfectly capture the skies of late.

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  3. Lovely photos, Agnes. It is decidedly blustery here right now as well, but like for you it has helped to dry out the soil. Not so much squelching this evening.

    Do the mice come in because of the cold?

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    1. Normally they do Helen, I am just trying to be ahead of them this year by not leaving a morsel of food for them to get at. We are going for a week to Budapest in a fortnight time and it is when we are gone that they will try and come in, that is why I put everything in containers, I do that every winter. So in fairness the mice have not arrived yet, but are expected as always 🙂


  4. Your cloud photos are great. I think we are always looking for sunny days to take pictures, but sometimes the bad weather is the most dramatic. I lost my electricity and I’m half way around the world from you. We are having a storm also blowing across the country.

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  5. we seem to have the same weather, Agnes. Nice post, wish you a lovely day, kind regards from rainy and stormy Hamburg, oh, just suddenly a ray of sunshine, I have to dash outside, Mitza

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