A very refreshing walk on the beach at Long Strand this Sunday held a pleasant surprise for us, apart from being just wonderful as it was a mild, wind still day. The beach had just a few people and dogs walking on it, and there were some surfers playing on the waves, it was relaxing and very tranquil. And to our surprise we found a lot of loose seaweed lying around, the tide was coming in so we took some of it over to the car, to use in the garden, when it is well rotted and the salt is removed. So I have now got it soaking in the bath. I am really happy about finding the seaweed as it is priceless for use as compost. Nature is so bountiful, everywhere you turn it gives us rich pickings for use to improve our soil. The other day I gathered the brown leaves from the front garden to make it into leaf mould which is extraordinary stuff to use.

This new week is going to be a busy one in the garden, planting garlic, dealing with the seaweed, some pruning (got a book out from the library), taking down the last of the bean plants, taking out old strawberry plants, and much more… hopefully the weather stays calm and dry. This is a most beautiful time of the year, full of beautiful and vibrant colours and earthy scents, I love it so much.
A time to celebrate harvests of all sorts, and to be thankful for so many blessings.



  1. Stunning photos. Thank you for reminding me that Autumn is a time of harvest. When you don’t live on a farm, you forget or in my case, never knew. I do love the changing seasons though. Spring here although some days are so hot like the middle of Summer and other days freezing with rain. xx Rowena

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  2. you wonderful photos transfer the quiet mood of this day, Agnes. That’s exactly what I love, too. I heard in Greece, too, that seaweed is a very good compost when the salt has vanished. I will try to pick some there, too. Wishing you a wonderful day, kind regards Mitza

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  3. I’ve been taking down the beans today. One or two plants are determined to give a few more pods, though.

    Hope the weather stays fine for you, so that you can get your jobs done. Great that you got some seaweed.

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  4. All wonderful photos. We are gathering seaweed as well, such a treasure to have at our disposal. And the weather being so cooperative is also a treat. There’s a great feeling in the harvest and knowing that a quiet time is gradually making it’s way closer and closer. Enjoy the abundance.

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