What a mellow, mild, and wind still autumn day it was, so nice to spend time outside in the garden today. And Ruben came, and Ian felt like splitting some of the larger logs, so a lot of activity was happening in the garden. At first Ruben and I were pruning soft fruits, Ruben was collecting the leaves and twigs, then we went and dug out a forgotten potato plant, Ruben got one big potato and some babies which he was very happy about, then there were broad beans to pick and gather. After that I lost my little helper to Ian who came out to split his logs. Ruben takes such an interest and is learning all the time, he gathered up the logs as they fell, with the biggest of smiles on his face, he just loves helping Ian. He even had a little go at letting the hammer fall on the axe, under the eagle eyed supervision from amma (that’s me) of course, and grandpa scratchy too. Grandpa scratchy got his name from his little grandson, (because of his beard), and now he’s grandpa scratchy for my grandson too. We are both very fond of Ruben and love to see him grow and do so well with everything he learns about.
To end the day we all sat down for the usual cup of tea, a worker deserves their break isn’t it, it is a ‘thing’ between Ruben and us, the cup of tea while having a rest from working in the garden. A good feeling.

These beautiful mild autumn days are just what we need here in West Cork after a wet and cool summer. How blessed we really are.

DSCF0994 - Copy      DSCF0984

Sorting the garlic for planting,    And playing with his block, trucks, and grandpa scratchy!


19 thoughts on “GRANDPA SCRATCHY

  1. Just adorable! And I love the name Grandpa Scratchy. Charming and priceless. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment and enjoy the cool crisp autumn. I can’t recall what that feels like, but my soul remembers it to be enchanting.

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  2. I’ve been having internet trouble but what a treat it’s been going through your posts that I’ve missed! I love that you compost seaweed- a real treasure indeed. Your pictures are always a delight as are your lovely anecdotes. Your little Rueben is such a sweet blessing and Grandpa Scratchy…lol!! A real pleasure catching up here, Agnes

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    1. Yes Helen, I picked the last of the the other day. The temperatures have still been up to 15C during the day, and around 5C during the night, I think that will soon change though.


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