Bantry Bay

Yes a little detour in this remote part of Ireland is always exciting to say the least, I knew that I was going to do it, I knew that I was going to take photos and I also knew that it was going to be a lovely break. So after my appointment in Bantry I drove into a little side lane off the N71 and followed it down to the rocky seashore. Magnificent views of Bantry bay with the Caha mountains in the distance greeted me. I strolled along the path leading beside the air-strip, quite a few people and dogs were walking there and one man had his fishing rod out into the sea. The rocks were colourful. The air smelled of seaweed and was very fresh. Somewhere far away I could hear a blackbird singing, one of my favourite birdsongs. When I walked back to my car this last view surprised me, I thought that I could easily have been in Canada probably because of the lovely pine trees. Peaceful and at the same time invigorating, this little diversion to my day gave me plenty, I realised all of a sudden that I had been doing an exercise that my recently bought book on photography in nature advised me. That is, spending 10 minutes in nature, breathing deeply, really observing nature, taking note of what you see, hear, smell and how that makes you feel, how that affects the photos, and all that even while I often spend much longer in nature, but then I probably don’t always take it in so intensely.

View towards Shrone Hill
Sugarloaf mountain to the left
I’m actually totally in love with these mountains and hills
Beautiful Bantry Bay
This view gave me much pleasure

This book I am currently using to inspire my nature photography, only just started it and finding it helpful and enjoyable. (translation title… Grip on creativity, developing your own style in nature photography).
It gives me a new perspective on the endless photos that I take. It is mainly about creativity. I will talk more about this book when I have read and practised a bit more of what it teaches. Here’s one of my try-outs.

18 thoughts on “A LITTLE DETOUR

  1. As always, I enjoyed your tour. I like to see places from the view of people who live there. I am totally surrounded by pine trees and ours are called Loblolly and only have branches on the top. Their trunks were used for ship’s masts because they grow so straight. I live on the edge of an area called the Piney Woods.

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  2. Just the sort of spot I love, by the sea and with mountains nearby! I particularly like your close up of the flowers and pebbles – great contrast of textures there 🙂 Your book looks interesting and I’ll look forward to hearing more about your experiments in creative photography.

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  3. The airstrip in Bantry is a place I really love to walk along myself. Often in winter it’s really blowing an absolute gale there off the ocean and its so invigorating. The mountains are so majestic in the background. A special place and beautifully captured in your photos 💛🌲⛰🌊

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    1. Thank you Tjorven 😊 Bantry has so much to offer hasn’t it, so beautiful with the bay and the mountains. Yes those walks of your are invigorating alright 👍


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