The colours of the pre-dawn are magnificent, it is also the expectation of what is to come, the light! The light that will colour the world once again for another day.

Pre-dawn light

Last week saw me travel up to the city several times for appointments and one of those was early in the morning, so it was that I was able to enjoy the dawn albeit from a bus window. To see the first light appearing and the mist rising has always had me spellbound and needless to say I enjoyed it very much.

I had nothing else to do but sit and observe how the light scattered the darkness.
Being driven through the rural Irish landscape at this time of day is magical, the land still covered here and there with garlands of mist.
If I wanted to paint I could not do any better than what the eye of my mobile phone offered me in colour and form.

I was in a reality all my own

It was as beautiful as any of my other realities

Another day started and I was thankful to make it a good one



  1. Du sprichst Dutch? You are so cool…I’ve purchased a worn out little house here in Denver…with a big, worn out yard just calling for a garden…I think of you and your garden most every day I work on it 🙂 Life is good, my web friend! You do inspire! Roxie

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    1. Hi Roxie, how is life in Denver? I hope you are enjoying your garden, sorry for the long delay in replying and thanks very much fir your kind comment, tomorrow I will post another blogpost on my garden. Hope you will enjoy. Kind regards 🙂


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