17 thoughts on “SEEING

  1. Hi Agnes
    Thank you. You are a great philosopher yourself. As I have got older I think I appreciate the little things of life much more. I think that is partially because I have more time but also I have had so much medicine and surgery to patch me up and keep me going, had such a good and fulfilling life, and live in a beautiful place that I realise everything is amazing. Recently, the wind and rain – I love weather. The snow drops are out and daffodils just flowering
    I have recently had a close friend die and the mother of another friend has died. That is very sad but then I step back and look around and I see life moving on with young people moving on with their lives, babies are being born and the circle of life continuing. So I try to enjoy every day and every person I meet. We must not waste life being miserable.

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  2. Love it! I will add a funny story about my youngest daughter. When she was around 5 years old, she saw a cat walking on the back fence rail. She did not realize the rail existed and she watched in disbelief seeing the cat magically walking along the fence.

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    1. That’s a lovely and funny story thank you for sharing it. I can just imagine it! They are precious aren’t they… the children. Here in my phot it is our neighbour’s cat, she is very beautiful I think.

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