Just now we returned from catching some fresh air and admiring the beauty of Loch Hyne some 10 minutes drive from here. There were many people, young and old swimming and more people chatting over cups of tea. The sun had come out and it was now actually warm. A most beautiful evening and a great ambience.

I noticed two new flowering plants that I want to identify. Ok I think that both these two photos are Sea Spurreys. The one on the right might be Greater Sea spurrey (Spergularia media) but I have a suspicion that it is actually Rock Spurrey but in order to confirm that I have to go back and check the underside of the sepals. This little flower has 10 stamens and the sepals are shorter than the petals. The photo on the left, I will also go and double check this little plant, it is a Spurrey but I am not sure which one, probably the same as the one on the right but not in as good a condition. So some homework for me to do.

Lichens growing on the stone wall.

We both feel refreshed and ready to head into a peaceful night.

15 thoughts on “JUST NOW

  1. Thank you Derrick, yes they were very bright and lovely. There are lots of lichens around here some really special but I don’t know much about them, just that I love them.


    1. That’s right Philip and thank you. I did a bit of research on the other little plant and came up with one of the Spurrey family but not sure which, I will have to go back and check the underside of the sepals in order to confirm that it is a Rock Spurrey. I’ll take some better photos with my camera. I think the yellow flower is common cat’s-ear because it is a single flower per stem, what do you think? They are actually beautiful in the landscape and so many of them here.


    1. I love doing it too Emma, and nice to have input from others as well. Botany is one of my interests too. I agree that it is nice to identify plants when you look at them. So much beauty around.

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      1. I am so lazy, I am always wondering what a plant is. I only occasionally remember to bring my wild flower bok with me when I go for a walk in the countryside, so it’snice when someone else has done the work for me! lol!

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    1. Yes it is amazing what you find on the walls, especially the old walls. Wild flowers, ferns, lichen, a great variety of beauty and I agree that colour of the lichen is just so striking, love it too.

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