I woke up early this morning. I found it very quiet, not a sound to be heard, not a car passing, nor a person, nor a dog… even the birds are not singing… Skibbereen seems to be asleep still. I am thinking… what will I do with my day. Suddenly I know what is different, there is not a blade of grass stirring, it is wind-still… quite unusual lately and nice.

I look around my room and I ponder, there are lots of things I could start doing, I have re-decorating ideas. Perhaps I could make a mood-board with colours, new shades for the room, and I plan to re-sew a curtain that covers the hotpress opening. There is an old chair, a delicate one that would look good in a pastel paint and there is the old secondhand desk that I am planning to paint too… I love my room, it is peaceful and looking at things from up here in my high bed this morning everthing looks fine.

The pale cream curtains that I found last year in our fantatic charity shops are just starting to become illuminated with bright rays of sunshine.

It is time to get up and get me a nice cup of coffee.

Sunday morning, I love it always.

I wish you all a beautiful day! Stay well ❀


  1. Happy Sunday to you. Our storms have passed, so it will be a nice day to relax outside. All of our churches are putting their sermon online, so I’m hoping to catch one without having to get dressed and go out. I am not familiar with the term hotpress. I looked it up and read that it is a drying rack near the hot water heater. Is that correct?

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    1. Thank you, yes lovely to have this beautiful sunshine. The hot-press is probably an Irish term for a cupboard build in which contains a cylinder made out of copper which contains hot water. We are not familiar with this sort of system in Belgium either but I have found it a great system while living in Ireland.

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