Yes it is great to be able to get out into the garden and see all the young growth, as well as the insects that are about already. So far I’ve seen two butterflies, small tortoiseshells, a bumblebee, a bee and some small fly types. The photo above is of an hoverfly if I am right. It is great to see the return of the insects. It gives us hope during these surreal days.

I actually spent time in the garden to plant out my 14 broad bean plants, and as today we had a lull in the stormy and very wet weather of recent times, it was ideal to do my work. Two broad bean plants the only ones left of what I sowed in the autumn are in flower.

We have been self isolating for a week as a precaution against the corona virus because of our age. For us it is not a problem as we are both retired and we can shop online for food. Of course as this whole situation is developing sometimes it feels to me like a surreal film that I am watching. Stay safe all my friends and followers. Much love to everyone.

27 thoughts on “THE GARDEN IS A BLESSING

  1. Oh, your garden is coming along nicely. I just had my first good day in the garden since winter, and it felt amazing to be out there in the fresh air and sunshine. We are in South Jersey, USA, and are trying to stay home other than work and grocery shopping. Things are cancelling and closing all around us. It’s a crazy time. But in my garden everything is normal.

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  2. Hello, hello, hello. I am so glad to see you are still gardening, photographing, and posting! I moved from my house to a condo last August…third floor, no garden. Total and complete rip roaring disgust…what HAD I done. Now, however, I’ve long pots on the balcony with pansies, and poppies and Dutch iris coming up, and I dug up an area at the bottom of the stairwell where the dogs come out to do their business, and planted it with daylilies, rhubarb (for festive leaves) and I piled pine cones from across the way to discourage the rasty chihuahuas from lifting their legs on the big, wide pot centered amidst the cones. One neighbor thought it stupid to try it. One neighbor told me she would tell the HOA. A couple just laughed…but now, in record time, things are growing, and people are adding their own touches to it. Gardens rule…and YOU remind me to keep ever at it. Be well, and prosper!

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    1. It is a great example isn’t Roxy that if we persevere with our plan, especially if it is growing something, eventually we will all get rewarded with nature’s abundance and beauty. Well done 🙂

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      1. The neighbors are still skeptical, hoping to prove me wrong, me thinks. They have no idea that I know a thing or two about packing a space with perrenials…hee They have all started visiting the Little Free Library I put up, too…and one neighbor is planning on putting out a bench to hold story time at the LFL when the weather is nicer. Success!

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  3. Oh! and also, when I was a kid in California, we had a neighbor with an aviary. Their parakeets would escape, and we would catch them. We had a mean, bright yellow male (Yellow Bird – like the song), and a meek blue female (Blue Bird) who laid two eggs. One hatched, and before his feathers came out, he looked like a pterodactyl, so we named him Rodan…and he turned out to be bright green. He would ride around in my father’s pocket pulling cigarettes out and dropping them to the floor. He walked on the table, pecking at our plates. He was grand.
    Our Siamese cat, Rajah, ate him, sigh.

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    1. Oh my God Roxy what a story with a bad ending 🙂 but cats will be cats! It must have been a beautiful bird though, coloured green. I’ve seen plenty of green parrots in India and thought them beautiful , parakeets are not my favourites but I guess they can be funny. I love canaries for their song mostly as my grandmother had them and they remind me of her ❤

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  4. Canaries are much more dignified than budgies, that’s for sure. I like any bird for its company. My old cat, Emil, loves them all, and plots to catch and eat them. Trouble is he yowls before he leaps, so they fly off just in time. How nice to have something living to remind you of your Gran!

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  5. You’re lucky you can see signs of spring in your garden already. Everything here is chilly and gray and rainy. I would love to self-isolate, but I’m not allowed to. Despite working for a health department, I’m completely useless in this crisis.

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    1. Yes it does help that we already see signs of spring, as we are living through a surrealistic times. Hoping that you stay well, take care. All the people working for the health department are under such pressure. Respect.

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