Today while gardening a lovely butterfly came to check out some dark pink Oxalis flowers, it was a warm and sunny day here in West Cork, and because the two previous days we experienced soft Irish rain the garden was fresh and beautiful. The colours and the green shades were easy on the eye. And since we have quite a few wild flowers in bloom, we are visited by a good variety of visitors from the insect world. But today it was the butterflies that took away first price.ย  Yes, since I started reading the book “The Butterfly Isles: A Summer in Search of Our Emperors and Admirals” by Patrick Barkham, my interest in butterflies has intensified. Patrick Barkham first went butterfly spotting as a child with his father in Norfolk. His book documents his search for different butterflies found in the British islands. It is a slow read but quite interesting, I am hooked.
I think that the butterfly in my photos is a Green-veined White (Pieris Napi).

Biodiversity Ireland is holding a Butterfly Bash this week and we are sending records of all the butterflies we see into

Lovely to have seen this striking butterfly today and I will be on the look out for more. I hope you enjoy them too.




29 thoughts on “GREEN-VEINED WHITE – Pieris napi

  1. Such lovely photos! I, too am a huge butterfly fan. I even plant extra parsley and dill for the swallowtail female to lay her eggs on and, I don’t get crabby when the caterpillars eat them down to the nub. So interesting that you are part of a butterfly count. I have done the same with birds, but never heard of a butterfly one in our area. I’ll have to look online & see what I can find.

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    1. Thank you Jodie, yes unfortunately I think that these counts of our wildlife is as a result of the dying off of lots of our diversity in the insect and bird world. It is good to map it out and we can do the best to give wildlife a chance. It is great to hear that you are growing plants especially for the wonderful swallowtails, that is very caring.

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    1. Yes the diversity is amazing isn’t it, so lovely. Yea I do spend quite a bit of time taking photos of insects, and butterflies too, birds if I can, everything in nature is so delightful and fascinating.

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  2. I really enjoyed it a lot to take a walk with you in your garden and to look at the beautiful butterflies, dear Agnes. It’s good to feel joy for small but beautiful things in this world. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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    1. Thank you my dear friend. I hope that you are experiencing beautiful weather like we are at the moment! Yes I agree that finding joy in the small – though fantastic things in this world is a blessing and it’s free for all of us. I know that you can see this too. Warm greetings to you too.


      1. Oh yes, dear Agnes, the world looks twice as beautiful in sunshine and I enjoy every minute of it. Have a wonderful weekend, kind regards Mitza

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  3. We have lots of green veined whites too at the moment. A couple of weeks ago it was the orange tips but their numbers are dropping now. It so nice to have some sun!

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