It is that time again, the time to say goodbye and to move on. West Cork is calling, my grandchildren cannot wait to see me again, and the garden is definitely in need of lots of tender care. I’m also dying to meet up with my family, friends and to reconnect with the art and social scene in Skibbereen. I’m restless and cannot concentrate on writing my blog, I’ve had little time for it also because for the past week I have been sorting and packing our stuff together, 20kg each. Winter clothing is heavy and large, books are heavy too. As I’m minimizing everything I own, I do not want to take extra stuff home, and even if I wanted to – there is no space in the suitcase. It is the weight that matters most in our case, and I bought one of the digital gadgets to weigh a suitcase but I cannot use it, simply because I cannot lift the case to hang it on to the scales! Hopefully we are going to be all right. Everything is sorted, organized and packed. Four days left, time for relaxing and for a last chance to soak up sunshine, because we are going to the land of rain and gray skies. Goodbyes have been said at my lace-class, book-club, library and friends here. Our last few walks have been beautiful.ย  I know that I shall miss all this glorious sunshine, and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to spend some months here enjoying this lovely island.

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33 thoughts on “FAREWELL GOZO

  1. Jealous! We’re still expecting ten centimeters of snow in my Canadian city today – spring feels like it will never arrive! Maybe I should move to Gozo!

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  2. how beautiful this landscape is in springtime. It reminds me so much of Greece, where I would like to be right now for Orthodox Easter, dear Agnes. I wish you a good travel back and hope to see you soon again, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Lovely to hear from you Mitza, and wishing you a blessed Easter time. Yes I was once on the Island of Naxos around this time and the meadows were so full of flowers, I love Greece too.

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  3. It is wonderful that you have made real connections with the people and the land; that makes it hard to leave but you are going home and will be welcomed by your beloved. Bon voyage.

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  4. hi zusje, zoveel herinneringen als ik de foto’s zie! Heerlijke herinneringen aan mijn verblijf bij jullie. Vandaag heb ik gepland om Vanessa te schrijven, maar eerst nog de Waakgroep. Geniet van de laatste paar dagen he, en goede reis! liefs Josefine

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  5. I feel sad that you are leaving Gozo, although it will be wonderful to return to your family in Ireland. And I am sure it will soon be sunny there, too. Have a good journey home, Agnes.

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  6. Een reactie, maar dan in het Nederlands ๐Ÿ™‚ . Ik kan jouw Engels lezen รจn begrijpen maar zelf reageren in het Engels durf ik niet zo goed. Je bent nogal een reisdame! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je verlangt naar huis en je familie maar wellicht is het afscheid daar ook niet zo gemakkelijk. Afscheid nemen van en verlangen naar … is vaak heel dubbel hรฉ? Ik wens je alle goeds!

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    1. Ja daar heb je gelijk in. Het zal goed zijn om weer thuis te zijn, het ziet er niet erg goed uit momenteel met ons aardebolleke, hopelijk gaat alles weer rustig worden, vandaag kan je beter niet naar het nieuws kijken. Dank voor je comment.


  7. Was in Gozo just last weekend. It’s beautiful in Spring, but you are very lucky to have somewhere to go live during the Summer months as the heat in Malta and Gozo is really stifling lol. Hope you are enjoying Cork ๐Ÿ˜€

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