Yesterday my sister left Gozo to return home to Lier in Belgium. We enjoyed two weeks of chat and sightseeing, though I must admit a lot of our time was spent enjoying coffee and cake in a variety of places around the island. Nevertheless we did manage to fit in walks and visits to various sights, but mainly we soaked up the spring feeling, the massive amount of wild flowers and the charm of Victoria’s historical narrow streets. As there is only one year between us we grew up quite close and shared a bedroom most of our childhood years, at night my sister would tell me stories which at the time fascinated me, they were of adventures we would find ourselves in. She still always brings me books, and much of our chats would evolve around book discussions, the love of reading we both share. We also both spent our working lives with books and people, she as an editor working for a magazine catering for libraries, and I as a branch librarian in a small town in Ireland.  Both have been very rewarding and enjoyable jobs.
20180304_143113-EFFECTS.jpgAmazing to see the banana trees on Gozo, Josefine could not believe her eyes.

Two sisters, Josefine and myself among the Mimosa flowers which are now opening.

St.Georges square where we spent time drinking coffee and listening to the bell ringing.

Tower of St.Josephs in Qala, and an example of a roundel found on a house in Ghajnsielem.

The fig tree already showing fruit and opening its leaves, poppies are flowering now too making the meadows very colourful, and a hoverfly on a lovely sunny day.

This Gozitan lady working her lace in the doorway of her house, a lovely sight.

More wildlife, this on a narrow pathway at Mgarr.

The narrow alleyways in Ir-Rabat never fail to charm anyone.  Josefine too loved them and we spent quite some time walking them, every time you do you discover more things of interests.

It’s quiet now around here, Ian and I going about our various tasks and peacefully enjoying the life.  The excitement of Josefine’s visit is over, a space is now empty, but memories will stay and lots of thoughts remain of our various chats and discussions.  A rewarding time it was, that is for sure.

48 thoughts on “MEMORIES IN PICTURES

    1. hi Vanessa, ik volg al een hele tijd jouw blog Zinderen (waar Agnes me attent op maakte), ik vind het zo goed, en heb er verschillende met een sterretje waarop ik wilde antwoorden, maar kwam er tot hiertoe nog niet toe. Leuk dat je hierop ingaat, en dat je me wil helpen, ik wilde al lang eens contact opnemen.
      Ik ken je vader als kozijn van onze moeder Maria Matthyssen en daardoor wist ik ook dat hij een dochter Vanessa heeft, even oud als mijn oudste dochter! Een van de dagen zal ik je mailen. Veel liefs van Josefine

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    2. dag Vanessa, ik probeerde je een mail te sturen via het info adres op Zinderen, maar krijg ‘delivery failure’ met als reden ‘adres onbekend’. Hoe kan ik je bereiken?


      1. Yes Helen, it has been quite cold here, only about 12C the other day with an icy wind blowing strong. This spring we have had a lot of rain here too which is good for the farmers though.


  1. You are similar to each other! Wonderful moments, amazing pictures! Your sister should write and never be afraid. I confess that I also wrote my first book that is going to be published in two months approximately. It makes me feel so excited, the best feeling ever!

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