I was waiting patiently early in the morning, the sky had already begun to have a glow but nothing yet had appeared on the horizon, until all of a sudden there was the first glimmer of a sun.  The moment was magic, and I felt my heart fill with happiness, joy and gratitude, there was another day about to start, another day was breaking and in what a glorious way!  What a powerful moment!

20171018_154801 Another day has started in which to explore, and see the beauty around me, and be intrigued by all the little adventures that this day would bring.

The gray-green leaves of the Olive tree, a beautiful flower, the bright colours of the Luzzu boat.

20171025_180121The view out of the window of my lace making class in Victoria.

20171025_152530The humour seen in this proud dog trotting beside its owner in the funniest way.

20171025_151014And the funniest of all, me taking the wrong bus on my way to Victoria for my lace class and ending up doing a tour of almost the whole island before I got off the bus in Xaghra and taking another bus to town.  I so enjoyed this little detour and could only laugh at my own mistake!

And when the day is done and a glorious sun is setting, painting beauty for long moments more, then, well then it’s time to happily be grateful again.


      1. We visited Gozo but with three children anxious to get back to the swimming pool did no more than spend an hour or so in the ferry port. Glad that we did because it is an interesting place that most people seem to dash straight through!

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      2. Yes I agree Andrew, Mgarr is lovely especially the old part where you see some lovely buildings and little restaurants, there is the original ferry terminal (the Gleneagle bar), and beautiful rocks looking towards Ghajnsielem.


  1. Thanks a lot for these wonderful photos with such a lot of atmosphere, dear Agnes. I love sunrises and sunsets, too. They are very spectacular at the Mediterranean. Hope you are fine, kind regards Mitza

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      1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, dear Agnes.I have been in Greece, too, for 3 weeks. It was so wonderful. I have written a little prose in my last post. Hope you like it, too. Have a nice weekend, too.

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