Beautiful raindrops shimmered on the flowers and leaves in the garden this morning, everything sparkled after last night’s rain and thunderstorm. There was a freshness about the garden and the scent was earthy. Soon the sun burned the mist away and the breeze dried out the raindrops but not before I had enjoyed their beauty. A fine summer’s morning in West Cork.




  1. Beautiful photos. We had the thunder too last night and the rain kept coming most of the day, though it has cleared now!

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  2. a wonderful gallery. Rain is only liquid sunshine, dear Agnes, but it certainly adds a little melancholia to everything which I like a lot. Hope you’re fine, wishing you a nice day, regards Mitza

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      1. Haha…no not sure where it is hiding dear Mitza, but here in Ireland we have been getting good enough weather lately when we could leave doors and windows open for fresh air which I love!

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  3. Nice depth to that spider web photo; there’s so much that catches the eye in it. I didn’t hear the thunder but the rain was very welcome. Raining now a good bit also after a fairly sunny day, perfect growing conditions I think πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, we’ve got rain here now 😊. Tomorrow should be fair so hopefully that will mean lots of growing and ripening. Glad to hear you’ve had a glorious day, Agnes.

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  4. Lovely words and photos! I live in Hong Kong and miss wide open spaces having grown up in small town US. Hong Kong has nice parks and there are nice hills to hike, surprisingly so. I am trying my hand at growing plants, a window sill garden within a concrete jungle. =)

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