This week has been the week that we remember and show appreciation for our pollinators.


I read recently in the Irish Times that here in Ireland, bees are a crucial link in the supply chain of our apples, raspberries and other soft fruits. and that a third of the Irish species of bees is threatened with extinction. One can imagine what problems this will cause down the line. Personally we are having a great crop of raspberries and the pollination, as far as I have been able to observe, has been done by bumblebees. There is of course a large number of different pollinators, luckily.  I can’t resist taking photos of any wildlife I find in the garden, so here is a series of pictures taken this spring/summer of our pollinators.


This bee was just lying there, I guess it was almost dead, but it soon revived with a little honey.

Also many other pollinators visit the gardens.

Thanks to Murtaghsmeadow’s blog for bringing Pollinators Awareness week to my attention.  This is a link to her blog.


Here is another interesting link:  http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/projects/irish-pollinator-initiative/all-ireland-pollinator-plan/



24 thoughts on “ODE TO OUR POLLINATORS

  1. As a child I was afraid of bees because my siblings were stung by wasps (we didn’t know the difference). Now it gladdens me to see them. I love the bumblebees; I had one in my palm once and stroked it –it’s as soft as it looks.

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  2. I love watching bees at work – am particularly fond of bumblebees, but who couldn’t find their furry bodies cute!

    I do hope our pollinators will survive the horrors that are being meted out to them in various ways.

    They are loving my poppies at the moment 😊.

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    1. True Helen, they are having a hard time of it, and therefore with every passing year I am trying to put more effort into growing flowering plants that give them nectar a plenty. It is such a joy to have them in our gardens.


  3. What a lovely post and fabulous photos! I love bees and always plant with them in mind. There have definitely been less in Wiltshire, Uk this year perhaps to there being more rape seed (and the pesticide that covers that) near me? It makes me so sad. Thank you for the post. x

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  4. I love your photos! Did it take you long to get all those great shots? I once spent hours trying to get a few photos of the bees in my garden for a blog post…what a great way to “waste” some time and connect with these important insects.

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    1. Thank you very much. It never takes me long to take photos and I love doing so. But like you say to take pictures of bees or other insects that can take some time all right, but it is time well spent 🙂 like you also said.

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