Yes work to be done, and that in our front garden.  The back garden is taking care of itself for the moment, quite wild, but all the same some vegetables are growing and fruit is being harvested already.

But the front garden has hardly been touched for the past six years.  For years I could not do anything much as I had a bad flare up of fibromyalgia.  For the moment that is under control.  And so the work has been waiting and it is a pleasure to do it now.  Trouble is that I have several ‘projects’ on the go at once.  All maintenance has to be done otherwise in this damp climate everything rots, wood especially.  And so, apart from power washing the patio, there are the pillars to paint, the woodwork of the fence to be sanded and treated with Sadolin or something like that, and the hedges need cutting also.  And I have been and still want to introduce more container plants, especially the Hosta which I adore.

Wellingtons waiting!  And as can be seen there is much work, especially the red brick I want to get really clean as it looks lovely when they are done.  All the same I am very aware of not wasting water!!!  But what else can one do, I decided to concentrate on the red bricks.   And to remove the moss, if I could achieve that I would be happy enough.

DSCF2196As can be seen….lots of moss and dirty bricks!

This is the end result more or less after several hours of work and too much water wasted (where is it all going?  Underneath the house?  I have all these questions and in a way I am happy that I am only doing this job every so many years.

These Verbena I potted up the other day, l love the colours and they give a cheerful face to the front garden.  The Buddleia is also almost flowering, that will bring many butterflies!  The Rose pot which used to be in the back garden I am now enjoying when I look out the kitchen window while cooking, it is a joy!

In Gozo, last winter I did see lots of lovely and well kept front gardens, the plants were mainly succulents, often in containers, beautiful.  I started then to fantasize about putting more containers with flowers in our own front garden to brighten it up.

While I am wrecked tonight, it has been well worth the effort today.

I think that I deserve another visit to the Garden Centre tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “WORK TO BE DONE!

  1. The moss says a great deal about your weather, the reason you can leave your garden alone for months. Mine will wither and die without watering (being in containers). Any excuse for a trip to the garden centre!

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    1. Thank you, and yes you are right, never done – but always enjoyed! My work is my meditation and done mindfully it becomes a real joy. But sometimes I just go through the motions and still it gets done 🙂

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  2. It looks really fantastic now, dear Agnes. Didn’t know you had fibromyalgia. That’s probably very painful. But the first step is the beginning of everything and you will be very happy to look outside in your beautiful garden, dear Agnes. Have a nice day, all the best, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Thank you Mitza, yes I look out of the kitchen window and the flowers give me joy.
      I have had fibro for five years and it all got much better when I spent time in Portugal where it was hot. Now I am able to manage it, but the pain was 24/7 before.

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  3. Dear Agnes, you have a very lovely garden. And yes, you need to work a lot to keep it in good shape and smell, however, this is a delightful and useful task, right? And we are lucky to see the results!

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  4. Before reading it was an after shot, I noticed how spiffy the brickwork was looking. Well done, though probably a bit of a back workout–certainly deserving of a visit to the garden center. Are you having water shortages also? It’s brutal here.

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    1. Hi Melissa, no water shortages here, we have only had real warm weather since Saturday, rain all before and now already cloudy sky and last night more rain 🙂 so we cannot complain. I think that it must be really hard on a gardener especially to have water shortage. Hope it sorts itself soon for you.

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