FAREWELL GOZO, for the moment.

A beautiful Red Admiral butterfly came across my path the other day, or was it I that came across its path.

2017-03-24 10.33.57

It is no wonder that we see bees and butterflies these days, the abundance of flowers is breathtaking, such a joy for both insects and humans.

Both in the wild and cultivated the delightful colours of flowers greet one, every inch of towns and village are made beautiful by these displays.

2017-02-08 10.03.39

In another day we are leaving Gozo for the summer months, we are already looking forward to coming back though I must say that we are also looking forward to spending the summer in Ireland and seeing everyone again.  Most of all we are just grateful for everyday we can live in peace and in beautiful nature among family and friends.  Living in the moment is the best way to enjoy life.

2017-03-19 15.14.55

We will leave some friends behind and the many people we interacted with the last few months have been lovely and very generous with stories, information and their time.

I’ve had a lovely and interesting time with my Gozitan bobbin lace making class, my great teacher, and fellow students, it was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot, and discovered that making lace can become addictive.

Ir-Rabat has been a wonderful place to live in and explore, all the artistic corners and the lovely ambience that is tangible in this great town have been top class, and the Citadella has been top of the list as have the little alleys around St.George Basilica and St.Francis Square too, and of course the library there.

Gozo has had so much to offer us, nature, people, art and culture, all much enjoyed.

2017-03-05 16.09.18

We are very grateful, that is Ian and myself, for having found a flat in Ghajnsielem for next winter, the view from the place is incredible, more and new adventures await, all being well.

Feeling very grateful and appreciative to avail of this opportunity.  So for now it is back to Ireland and to West Cork.  I must have taken thousands of photos while here and in the coming months will still be posting stories about Gozo, that is for sure.  But for the moment I am taking a week off from blogging, we will be with family in UK for several days, I will not be near WiFi perhaps.  So I wish all my dear friends and followers a good week, thank you for reading my blog, and see you soon.

21 thoughts on “FAREWELL GOZO, for the moment.

  1. It’s almost unbearable to think that you are leaving all that beauty behind, but you are going home and I look forward to seeing your posts from Ireland again. Have a good trip. Mx

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  2. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful Gozo experiences with us. I have so enjoyed reading your posts. Have a safe trip back to Ireland:-)

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  3. Enjoy your final moments in Gozo till next winter, Agnes. Even if you will happy to see family etc again, there must be a touch of sadness at leaving such a beautiful place.

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  4. I can really understand how hard it is for you to leave this wonderful place, dear Agnes. But in some months you will be back again. thanks for all these wonderful photos and stories. Have a good trip back to Ireland, kind regards Mitza

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  5. Such a lucky girl, spending so much time enjoying the beauty of this island! Off course, Ireland is also a beautifull island and again, you are lucky to live there! And did you know the Latin scientifical name of the Admiral Butterfly is Vanessa Atalanta! So, I consider this butterfly in particular my own special Power Animal! 😉

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