The tomato plants are doing very well, and so are the lettuce though I think that it is a bit too hot for them, we shall see what comes.
The seedlings are starting to really come up, at the moment they are only as far as the cotyledons but they look healthy and it is exciting to see them grow.
The temperature is still reaching near the 30C but it feels much hotter, it is nice though that now and then there is a little breeze which brings relieve.
I have taken to picking up bits of succulent plants on the roads, this is good because I can propagate them and it is a joy to see them do well. It is fun too to discover yet another orphan lying in the dusty street of Victoria, bringing it home and giving it a new lease of life.  I am really enjoying all this.

My little corner in the conservatory, it will expand as plants will grow.

Every conceivable container is used as we cannot spend to much money on buying plant pots, and anyway its good to re-cycle isn’t it.

These are all succulents that I found on the street and brought home.

Some of my seedlings coming up, some more containers that are going to be put to use.

Here are two more succulents and their flowers, pretty and interesting.



  1. It’s wonderful to continue your ‘gardening’ while you are away. I can relate to it. When I was in Istanbul for a month I didn’t start a garden but revived all the half dead plants in the apartment and balcony. This made me feel so much more ‘at home’. I ‘donated’ all my pistachio shells to the pot plants as mulch as they were depleted of soil and they said ‘thank you’. Two pots of geraniums were flowering when I left. 🙂

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    1. That is lovely Mary, and a good tip about your pistachio shells, I’ve been wondering how I can improve the soil in my containers 🙂 I have dug in cut up banana peels for the potassium, and eggshells crushed for the calcium. Everything seems to be doing ok.

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