IR-RABAT (Victoria)

I would just like to share some of the beauty of this lovely town where I am living at this moment. There is so much to explore, everyday brings something else interesting. Like in the old part, the picturesque narrow streets leading to St George’s Square and cathedral. There is a museum there that is very worthwhile of a visit. I will be spending more time there. So much to learn about the history of this place, the people and their traditions. Luckily we will be here long enough to explore.


Gozo Gossiping, a sculpture by Joe Xuereb in Globigerina Limestone

11 thoughts on “IR-RABAT (Victoria)

    1. The word Rabat is definitely Arabic isn’t it. I like to use it instead of Victoria as it is more ancient anyway and the original name of the town I believe. Very interesting.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Agnes. It’s obvious you are enjoying a very different environment away from Ireland! I love the colour of stone contrasted with the bright colours used for the painted surfaces.

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