Yesterday I took a look at some of the spiders which were hanging around the garden, seeing that the turn of the season is almost upon us and with the morning mists and the evening becoming cooler, the spiders seem to become much more noticeable. They immediately reminded me of ballerinas, especially the three first ones that I came across, they are garden spiders, Araneus diadematus, also called the Crowned Orb Weaver. You see those a lot around here, they are quite beautiful and have sometimes huge webs.  They rarely enter the house.  In autumn the gardens are full of them.  I took the first three photos, of two different spiders just outside along the wall beside the rainwater barrel.


The fine slender spider is quite unfamiliar to me and I cannot locate it, I did not see it before in the garden either.

Here in between two leaves (the leaves looked as if they had been pulled together into some sort of hammock), there are two garden spiders, sleeping perhaps, not sure but they looked quite cosy in there. I’ll be keeping an eye out for other species with the autumn starting. We are still getting nice weather, perhaps we might even get an Indian summer. Schools have started and everyone is getting back into routine, we saw a great number of swallows gathering on a neighbour’s roof, another sign of the season’s changing and their farewell to our shores, and we ourselves are preparing for our journey to warmer climate too.

30 thoughts on “DANCE OF THE SPIDERS

  1. Lovely photos. I didn’t know spiders got so chummy. All the ones around my yard and garden are carefully spaced. They make me think of cats; territorial, beautiful and very effectibe predators. Of course when the cat comes by, they are the prey.

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      1. My old roomates Bengal loved snacking on spiders. I saw him staring up in a corner. When I got close a microscopic spider was abseiling down from the ceiling. Shinki was perfectly still until it got close, then he opened his mouth and the poor thing dropped right in. I always wished I had film of it.

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    1. Thank you Derrick, glad you enjoyed it. Many people don’t like spiders, to me they are fascinating and freely to be seen in garden and sometimes house, so a nice possibility to learn about them.

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      1. earlier even i used to be scared of spiders. but suddenly all the fear has vanished and even i find them very fascinating.. now when i find a spider inside my house i just carefully place it in my garden!!

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      2. That’s nice Reema, they are beautiful creatures in their own way aren’t they 🙂 Glad you got over your fear as it’s no fun to be scared of creatures you might see so often.

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    1. Yes webs are everywhere, today my partner got into the car and I noticed a huge garden spider on his neck, he had just walked through a web, we were able to get this spider off him and back onto the hedge, it was a beauty.

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  2. I was afraid of spiders as a child and then just decided to get over it, knew it was in my head. I’d be a mess if I lived where there were poisonous ones though, am sure!

    Your pictures are so clear and detailed. I particularly like the one of two lounging together–it really makes me think….

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    1. Thank you, yes they almost become endearing don’t they, I especially like the garden spiders, they are harmless, can get very large with beautiful markings, and there are many of them. Brave of you to get over your fear.


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