In the last few weeks we have been visiting some of my sisters and brothers, those that live close enough by, and of course it being summer, we naturally gravitate towards the gardens. This garden that I illustrate in my blog today is well established, it is one of the older ones in the family, my sister Brenda and her husband Shaun have created it over many years, it is a space full of the most beautiful shrubs and trees, flowers and ferns. From an almost forested area, where there used to be an ancient orchard, to a manicured lawn surrounded by interesting shrubs and beautiful mature trees. Her Japanese Dogwoods, Abutilons, and Azaleas’ and some more shrubs of which I do not recall the botanical name, are all fully in flower. The Hydrangeas are almost open, and the Laburnum is almost finished. This all creates a magnificent array of colours and textures, rich and summerly scented. A real summer feeling abounds. There is more, there is a rockery which is also a place for wild flowers to grow to feed the bees, and an area where my sister feeds her many wild birds, attracting a lovely variety including bull finches, jays, siskins, and even a sparrow hawk who sometimes comes to see if he can catch something for his lunch! I loved our garden visit at the height of summer, and I hope that you too will enjoy the photos of so much beauty.
Thanks to Brenda and Shaun for permission to use their garden in my blog.



DSCF6537 - Copy




  1. Gorgeous…I’m envious…azaleas ne’er do well here in Colorado – do better as indoor plants…and I never saw the glory of hydrangeas until I visited Portland, Oregon to see the rose garden there. Hydrangeas look like something Arthur Rackham would make up…

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  2. Dear Agnes, we nearly have the same flowers here. I just don’t have this beautiful lilac and pink flower below and don’t know what it is. It’s really nice to see other gardens and this one is really beautiful and special. It seems to be a place to feel good and calm where you can feel the wonders of creation. Kind regards Mitza


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