I’ve had my eye on this exhibition for a few days already, I did not know anything about the artist or his work, but I thought that I had to start somewhere if I wanted to discover the art of the Gozotian people, and that I wanted.  So today I stepped inside the hall and immersed myself in the works of George Scicluna, an artist born right here in Victoria on Gozo.  His work did not immediately appeal to the eye, you had to look at it long to try and get what was going on in the artists mind, I struggled a bit with that, I did notice that all of the large paintings had a religious motive, but not in a devotional way, I thought that the artist was looking for answers in his mind, in a most torturous way, looking for answers about life, about belief, faith, fear, torture, redemption, humankind.  I could be totally wrong about all this.  But I strongly believe that true ‘Art’ is supposed to allow or encourage the observer to ‘feel’ something, or to ‘experience’ something, and that it did for me, this exhibition of paintings made me feel how mankind does run around with deep anguish about its existence, about the why and how.  I can relate to that very well.

That’s all, and that is good enough for me.

Later on I went to check out some more work of the same artist and found that he is also a sculptor, creating fine, sculptors in lime stone.  Nice.


Some of the works in the exhibition, with the artist.





  1. Thanks for sharing this adventure, Agnes. I find it expansive to step out of my art comfort zone from time to time — whether this is in theater, literature, visual arts, music. Also, nice photos. Are those geraniums in the first?

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    1. Exactly how I feel Jan. Once I went to a large exhibition of Francis Baker’s work in Dublin, OMG I was so disgusted, it really disturbed me, and yet somewhere in me it gave me satisfaction to have felt such a force in me caused by the very art of his. It just somehow makes you feel more alive. Yes, lots of Geraniums around here, all flowering, love them too.

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  2. It’s always interesting to visit exhibitions. He probably is a good illustrator but I don’t really like his motivs. Didn’t he paint anything else? Have a great time, dear Agnes, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Sorry Mitza I had to catch the bus, we went on a tour. So yes this artist did paint other stuff, and made sculptures. He has a facebook page with photos. I don’t find his stuff beautiful, just interesting and thought provoking. I’ll be discovering other art in Gozo for sure too. 🙂

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    1. Yes I do too Helen, it is good to be able to express oneself in art isn’t it. Thank you for commenting on this post as I am always interested in what others think too.


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