Some of these mornings lately are frosty, and the garden looks a little white, but the nice thing about it is that we get sunshine along with it, so very much needed here in West Cork.  Clear the air too.  The garden is waiting for attention, but my mind is on other things right now, and it’s all good.  All will be in order for a fabulous growing season.





  1. Yes, frost and sunshine is so much better than warm and rainy. Will kill some of the bugs as well!

    Your garden is looking good (already). At least, it seems there is plenty going on.

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    1. Yes, there is plenty going on Helen, the soil is still far to wet to do anything though, and I leave the old seed heads for the birds (gold finches), actually for the moment I am doing some DIY inside the house so too busy to do the garden as well 🙂

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  2. Wow so that’s what frost looks like all over the garden. I presume your plants are all frost hardy. We get hail occasionally in Sydney but never snow or frost in my area, near the harbour.

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    1. Because we are near the sea too, we do not get much frost, that is why I love it 🙂 yes those vegetables and herbs that are out there are frost hardy, that is if it does not freeze too hard. Frost can make things look very beautiful can’t they!

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  3. This last two days on the North Wales coast I’ve not seen frost but it’s been quite bitter until the sunshine came out and offered a little promise of things to come. I hope it will be a good growing year.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. I believe Wales has similar weather to us here, but not sure if North Wales has. Today there was a bitter wind here, and we woke up to sharp frost which only lifted after 9am. But the glorious sunshine we got with it was so lovely, so badly needed. Kind regards from across the water David.

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