For many years some of the crow family have felt very much at home in our garden and on top of the roof, eating from the bird table and nesting in an old empty chimney. When seen in detail they are all very beautiful birds. The rooks have a bluish shine on their very finely preened feathers, they shine. The hooded crows have both black and grey feathers and they only venture on to the patio from time to time, they mostly feed on carrion somewhere else. The jackdaws, also belonging to the crow family feed side to side with the rooks, they are not afraid of these black birds with huge beaks. One of the rooks, we call him Charlie, is very noisy and demonstrates his superior voice quality whenever there is something happening that he does not like around the place. Rooks are very sociable and we see them in groups of about a dozen, intermixed with jackdaws. They are said to hide food into a hole but I have never seen them do that around here. I have seen them play catch in the skies above the garden here, while being very vocal they fly after each other creating great manoeuvres. At times when I go into the garden, one of them, sitting on the roof will give out being very vocal and goodness knows what he is communicating to the others, they know I feed them every day in winter (mainly seeds and peanuts, sometimes table leftovers).
It is a pleasure to have them around, though in a way I might be fonder of the little birds with highly coloured feathers. The crow family are very welcome in our garden, and quite interesting to observe.
The Crow family

14 thoughts on “THE CROW FAMILY AT HOME

  1. If you like crows I would thoroughly recommend a book written by Esther Woolfson – called “Corvus –
    : A life with Birds,” a lovely account of a number of captive corvids reared by Ms Woolfson. It’s full of fascinating insights into the corvid world.

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  2. I love crows, too, because they are funny and intelligent. I don’t understand, why most people don’t like them and even shoot them, Agnes. Hope you are fine being a good host for your crows, kind regards Mitza

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    1. I do agree Mitza, these birds are quite interesting to watch, I shall also have to read up a little more on them I think, got a good tip for a book by one of my kind blog followers, make a nice Christmas pressy for me πŸ™‚ Take care.

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      1. They make a lot of nonsense. I watched some 5 crows on our market place. They found a bicycle with a basket that was very interesting for them. They started to pick and opened the plastic bag with birdfeed (that wasn’t meant for them) and had a good time. In spring they found a bicycle with a woollen seat cover and took pieces out to have a cozy nest. I couldn’t help laughing about this. Thanks for your good wishes, hope you have better weather than we have, kind regards Mitza

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