After emptying some organic matter into the compost bin at the end of the garden, I discovered some blackberries there and decided to pick them, might make some jam tomorrow adding them to apples. I also discovered some hidden gems while there, even though the garden is small, there is a definite wild part to it at the back, behind the compost heap and fence. There is an old Christmas tree growing there in its own pot, and an hydrangea bush. The whole area is wild and disorganised. I found a lettuce plant growing there in the middle of twigs. There are some old stumps of trees there too and wood that is going to be used for winter fuel. I found lovely flowering bright orange montbretia, and some Fuchsia over the gate, immediately beside a very healthy looking elderberry shrub which I planted there in spring, and another lovely little shrub growing there is a quince which some years ago gave me fruit, but not the past year.  An old hidden water pump is hidden between ferns.  I like to sometimes go there and discover what is going on, apparently there are a lot of hedgehogs in the neighbourhood and I guess I’m hoping to see one some day.
DSCF0260 - Copy

DSCF0305   DSCF0254 - Copy

DSCF0251 - Copy    DSCF0242 - Copy

DSCF0241 - Copy    DSCF0307



    1. Actually it never did work in the space it is now, as we do not have a well. One day I would like to rather see it work somewhere. We used to have these sort of pumps inside the houses in Belgium long ago, they were just brilliant, I well remember working them. Thanks for asking, it made me think deeper about it. 🙂

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