Almost coming to the end of September now, and there is already a colourful display of autumn shades to be seen in trees and shrubbery. My grandchildren were collecting some of these bright red and yellow leaves from the front garden yesterday.
And the harvesting in the garden is never ending, it is just amazing what keeps turning up. The leek and scallion seed heads were finally ready for picking and drying, as was the coriander. Also the seeds of the sweet pea, and poppy, all of them are hanging around the place, what an abundance it is.
This morning, after some years of inactivity, I attended my new yoga class, we did a chakra balancing, lovely stretches and relaxation, as well as some meditation, afterward we met up for soups or coffee, I met new people, was warmly welcomed by a group of nice women. Already looking forward to next weeks session. And I felt energised enough to cook up some goats cheese tartlets this evening which is a bit of a miracle in my kitchen! 🙂
20150924_171025     DSCF0211

Goats cheese tartlets,  and fresh coriander seeds

DSCF0207     DSCF0210

A variety of seeds to be dried, and a close up of the leek seeds.


  1. So pretty and natural and cozy looking, Agnes. Great getting back to the yoga too. I’ve had to do yoga my whole life. My mother brought me to a yogi when I was a teenager and she taught me things that would help the condition of my spine and neck..it was either that or a full body brace. Your tarts look so delicious, I think I will make some too.

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    1. Cynthia, you can’t believe how much I enjoy and appreciate yoga, I too did it on and off all my life, and when I had to go to a rheumatologist in the past few years, he could not believe how supple my joints were. I need it so badly, it does me so much good. 🙂

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      1. That’s disappointing. I hope if you do, it works out better next time. Supposedly there are so many health benefits. Every body is different though. Guess you could say we’ve had our own long enough to know when something is clicking.

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