the summer of the grasses

Ireland has around 100 different types of grasses, including native and non-native grasses, a fact of which I was not aware, but recently I bought a guide on grasses from Ireland’s National Biodiversity Data Centre and now I am learning about them. I have always found that many grasses are beautiful and decorative and there are always plenty of them around. Especially this summer the back of our garden is full of them, full of different types and they are growing nice and tall with lots of seeds to show. I don’t know all the different names yet but am looking them up one by one.

Our garden has been left to grow all the wild plants that were willing to come up this year. There were plenty of foxgloves, thistles, sow thistles, dandelions, nettles, buttercups, borage, evening primrose, herb Robert, plantain, and many more wild plants, and of course grasses and I’ve let them all grow. This means that things were a bit overgrown the last few weeks and now I have a helper, Dave, who is moving some plants and shrubs around for me so that I can plant our winter vegetables soon.

So here follow some photos of our grasses, I find them all very beautiful and am eager to learn more about them.

And so the summer is moving along and plenty of plants are already in seed including the grasses. The wind is dispersing the seeds and it follows that next year we will probably have even more grasses, these grow at the very back of the garden on a piece of uncultivated land which I want to keep wild. Leaving the wild plants and flowers to grow has been successful and we are seeing butterflies and bees of all sorts. There is always lots to discover even in a smallish garden and that is great for the nature lover who is house bound for part of the time. It is also great for anyone.

Dear friends I hope that you are enjoying this lovely summer, or your winter and especially that you are enjoying whatever blessings that nature gives you in your own surroundings.

16 thoughts on “the summer of the grasses

  1. I, too, am fond of grasses, Agnes. To see them swaying in the breeze is mesmerizing. I use them fresh in bouquets for accent and often dry seed heads for winter bouquets.


      1. Zeker Agnes, ik geniet met volle teugen. Je hebt geen idee hoe ik herleef, hier, dicht bij de natuur. Soms is het geluk zo overweldigend dat het niet allemaal ineens binnen kan, ken je dat? Lieve groet!

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    1. Thanks Derrick, yes I don’t know their names either, grasses have always been in the background but this summer, mainly because of the hotter weather my back of garden is full of them. The booklet is very informative.


  2. I always knew there were many different grasses but I’m amazed to learn there are 100 different types! I love how you’ve left part of your garden to grow wild with these grasses and wild flowers!

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    1. Dag Vanessa, yes some of these definitely also grow in Belgium, I remember them. English is a beautiful language for sure and your English is very good. Nice to catch up with you again.


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