It is just a few days short of midsummer, and at four in the morning the light appears on the horizon. Equally at eleven thirty in the evening there are still streaks of light to be seen in the western sky. Summer is moving along smoothly even if the weather does not always help to remind us of the ‘lazy summer days’ of the past. We accept that, no two summers are alike and this year we have a cool one with a few days here and there of stunning sunshine. It is then that we think we are living in a paradise here in West Cork!

Meanwhile there is a lot happening in the garden, albeit slowly.

There are corners in the garden that are special, that remind me of older, walled-in gardens, these areas give a lot pleasure and it is nice to quietly take some time to soak in their atmosphere. As well as that I am mindfully creating such areas, they don’t need to be large, just certain well placed plants or items can work to create such views and feelings. Here are a few.

And more regular features in the following photos, the garden is coming up to its most mature time.

Though I am introducing more shrubs this year, I also still need to grow vegetables. I failed to get the potatoes in before it was too late, and I only have a very poor show of a few of last years potatoes that came up. At the market this morning I bought autumn leeks, and a variety of leaves, scallions, and spinach, delicious salads are promised but planting out in the next few days will be essential. I’m growing a few endive plants too and runner beans.
The Tansy is now taller than the Lavender, I am awaiting its yellow herby flowers to display a nice bouquet inside.
Lavender harvest

While observing our garden I came to the conclusion that what grows best are the different herbal plants and the wild plants. Some of the vegetables do well also, for example last winter’s kale and chard did extremely well, those not eaten became gigantic plants in the end and I left whatever was still there after the winter go into flower early in spring to provide food for the bumblebees. A beautiful yellow show it was. I cannot seem to grow beans, no success at all, but leeks do great every winter. Lavender does marvellous too.

A little catch up on the shed restoration. Brendan, the man that has been helping us did great work but has not been able to come for several weeks now and so the work has been stopped for a while, hopefully next week that will get moving again. I am still determined to finish this project before the end of summer. It is funny that Pinterest keeps sending me ideas on how to build my potting bench, a subject I was exploring recently. Well, I am a bit of a dreamer too and I like to look at ideas, partly for inspiration but also just to dream…..and Pinterest is great for that.

Wishing all my dear friends, family and followers a blessed midsummer time, and I hope to connect soon again with all of you.

21 thoughts on “MY GARDEN ~ AT THIS TIME

    1. Thank you Andrew, it’s a bit like that here too the weather I mean, all sorts to satisfy everyone, but summer has only been with us very few days this year πŸ™‚ We shall go with it.

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  1. A very enjoyable commentary Agnes, along with your usual wonderful pics – that last one would win a prize. I love the shed at the end of the garden; it has become a real feature. Everything looking good and i love your ‘special feel’ spots too. I must get some Autumn leeks in – i have never grown them before but have heard they do not tend to present problems. I think, if truth be known, that it is I who presents the problems – I do not have green fingers as you clearly do!

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    1. Thank you very much for your very kind comment Debbie and thanks also for your great encouragement yesterday when we were able to meet up again. Those autumn leeks are new for me too, I usually have winter ones and they last into early spring. They grow easy. Talk soon xxx


  2. Your garden looks marvellous, Agnes, and I was admiring your shed. So, this is being renovated?

    At least you know what works and what doesn’t in your garden. I’ll use your tip about letting the brassicas flower for the bumblebees. They do love the rocket.

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    1. Yes Helen, it is a large project – upgrading my sheds, and not least because of several interesting spiders living there, like the false widow and others πŸ™‚ it will take the rest of the summer I think to finalize things.


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