The days are lengthening, everywhere flowers are appearing, it is that delightful and energising time of the year again. Still under strict lockdown here in Ireland, many of us are giving full attention to our gardens, it is also the right time of the year for it, and the pleasure that being busy with plans and engaging in the actual garden work must not be underestimated. And so that is what I am doing too. We can still only go out 5km from our front door and although I have plans to go further afield and I have things in mind to photograph and write about, this will have to wait. Latest news is that maybe lockdown won’t be lifted until the end of April. Meanwhile everyone’s hair gets longer and longer! πŸ™‚
Here is my mood board for this summer’s flowers in our garden. As you can see I am planning to grow a lot more flowers, some of which I have just sowed yesterday. But central to my plan are a few perennials, to start off with I plan to buy a Daphne shrub and a dwarf lilac tree . I love their scent. I have this vision of a bench surrounded by flowers and I’m hoping for a lovely warm summer, so that Ian can enjoy sitting in the garden and soak up the beauty of it. To me it means creating, in cooperation with nature of course, and creating is good for the soul.
Seed packets ready for sowing.

I also hope that nobody minds my photos of the spiders, these are Steatoda grossa, although I think the light coloured one is a Steadoda nobilis. They also live in our shed and I have become quite fascinated by them. There are at least a few of them.

I hope that everyone is keeping well. I think that I am very behind again with reading all your blogs, so from tonight onward I will make a start with that again, looking forward to connect.


  1. Lovely post, Agnes. Looking ahead to the gardening season rejuvenates and excites. I’ve planted some Viola and Verbena seeds, but the rest I will wait to direct sow. I hope you see the sun soon!

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  2. Lieve Agnes, wat een leuke blog! Goh, ik zou zo graag kunnen toveren, dan tover ik mezelf bij jou in jouw omgeving en dan zou ik eindeloos snuisteren tussen alle scheutjes, zaadjes en in het laboratorium van je keuken.
    Geniet van al je ‘gepriegel’ en ik hoop dat je tuin almaar rijker en rijker wordt!
    Genegen groet!

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    1. Dank u hoor Chantal, je zou er zeker van genieten dat weet ik en je zou heel welcome zijn! Je plantje doet het heel goed het is nu echt heerlijk aan’t groeien.


  3. Thank you,

    We love all the pictures and messages. You are a very good photographer. I particularly like the Butterfly. Rede Admiral seems a strange name. I have found something that suggests it was Red Admirable



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    1. Thank you very much Colin for your encouraging words. The butterfly in this post is a peacock butterfly, or you maybe referring to another post? But thank you all the same! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes I will be very busy, happily busy though. Yes it’s been the wettest spring ever, the garden is showing it alright. Happy gardening to you. How are your bees?


  4. Lovely bright colours – I’m reading backwards so this was quite a contrast to the lovely soft day at the coast. Thanks to my wife we currently have seed trays everywhere. It will be worth it, but it’s a bit tricky navigating round the house at the moment.


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