It was a mellow October afternoon and I decided to plant out some spinach seedlings which I still had growing in a pot. I had a wander through the rest of the garden and saw that there is actually quite a lot of winter produce doing well, and it pleased me. I also saw how beautiful everything looked, the colours, the autumn shades which are wonderful. An October sun illuminated everything. It was a perfect afternoon.
Glorious colours of the hydrangea even after the summer.
Pleasure can be gained both from tending to the garden and growing some things, or from just having a wander around.

Enjoy a lovely weekend everyone, and I would love to hear about your autumn garden too.

17 thoughts on ““I’M SO GLAD I LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THERE ARE OCTOBERS” L. M. Montgomery,

  1. Pretty hydrangea, Agnes. Do you dry them for winter arrangements?
    My oakleaf hydrangea here is a deep burgundy, so pretty. Foliage season is almost done, we’re down to oak and beech and they are flying away on the wind. I’m enjoying the various colors on the perennials, too. And I finished planting the last of the spring bulbs today!

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    1. Thank you Eliza. Yes I dry some of the hydrangea flowers too, they make lovely winter arrangements don’t they. Do you plant your bulbs into the soil or into pots? I planted quite a few in pots but I am only learning about growing bulbs 🙂

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      1. I do both, I plant most in the ground for spring colour, and pot up half a dozen pots of early bloomers for forcing into bloom during our long winter, which goes on forever! I get starved for growing things around the time that yours are popping up in Feb. and ours will sleep another two months. It’s hard to wait that long!

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      2. I just noticed that the area where you live is either a 6a or a 4b according to the growing zone. Here in West Cork where we live it is a 9a. As our winters are very wet I am a little worried about putting my bulbs into the ground. But you are right even during January we might see the daffodils coming up and flowering. Your winters are a lot colder too. I was once in Massachusetts, I think New England is a most lovely place, loved every minute of my visit.


      3. Yes, although we’re technically zone 5, most winters now don’t get that cold, but we have to plant for Z5 & a once a decade deep freeze.
        Don’t know if you have access to Camassia bulbs, but they like soggy feet/wet meadows growing in the Pacific NW US. Might be perfect for your situation. Tulips like dry hot summers, so rot in wet soil. If you put a bag of bulbs in the fridge for 3 months then pot them up and put outside in a cool, sunny spot, that might be your best option.

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