Dandelion coffee

Yes we are all experiencing more restrictions because of a recent increase in covid cases. We find ourselves living in quite a changed world these days, but the most important thing now I think is to look after our mental health, and the mental health of our loved ones and of the wider community if we can help in any way. Staying positive and finding things of interest to do where we don’t have to travel, as even taking a journey to other areas of Ireland is now not possible. And this is something that requires some pondering over, and adjusting to, for many of us.

So far for us personally it has not caused a problem as it seems we don’t get time enough to do all the things we want to do. Ian has started on his book again and bought some new software to help him understand more about writing using characters, personalities and settings. It is complicated and hugely interesting he says, and he is busy with it all day. His book is progressing well and he’s enjoying himself.

Last year I let our garden do mostly its own thing. No wild plants got pulled up and it all ended in a delightful wilderness. It also ended up in quite a bit of work and in a huge pile of compostable plant material. I decided to keep a little more order in the garden this year and have been pleased that I am finding quite a number of wild plants still growing which I am now learning about. Plants like plantain, cleavers, nettles, mullein, evening primrose, borage, dandelion for example, are all there for the picking. I find it such a luxury, and it makes it easy for me getting material for my herbal course. We study the plants in detail, having to draw the different parts of the plant which makes us more familiar with the whole structure, including roots and seeds. A very absorbing activity it is.

So that is one small part of our lives here in West Cork. I hope that wherever you are, all my dear readers and friends that you are well and that you stay well.


Oh and I enjoyed that cup of dandelion coffee very much indeed ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. It’s quite bitter depending if you use sugar. It’s made from the rooster roots, I bought mine as I have not mastered the roosting yet. You simmer the roots in water for 20 minutes with a little real butter, then strain. I used a little coconut milk in mine. Then you whip it up in your mixer , it will foam. It’s really quite a nice alternative to coffee. You would make it a short drink rather than a mug. Enjoy.

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  1. Yes, mental health (like those plants in your garden) needs tending. I the ever-lasting lockdown in its various forms does get tiring (I have not been able to see my parents in person since December). Going outside is vital!

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  2. I live in a state that had “opened” and our numbers went up. I do believe people need to use their own good sense and take care of themselves. Luckily, I have enough projects to keep me busy for a year or two. It is a good time to focus on home cooking, gardening and if one can, write a book.


  3. Hello Agnes,

    I am pleased that you are finding plenty of things to occupy your time, which actually give you fulfilment, in these challenging times. I am finding that with it being harvest time and there being so much preserving to do, my life is likewise quite full and purposeful.

    Anyway, I wish you joy on your herbal course and Ian good luck with his book.

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