As from a few days ago, and after a lockdown period of over seven weeks we over seventies are allowed out for a daily walk. Well I did not have to be told twice and though it was raining for the last two days I did go out. But today the sun shone and it was mild again and beautiful. I badly needed to connect with nature big time, and so I choose a walk which was the last walk my grandchildren and I did together in early February. It is a country road close to our town, taking you right out into farmland, a sight to behold, beautiful.
The sun playing through the leaves of the trees threw dappled shadows on to the road, something that I love to see whether it is in a painting or in reality.
This is farm land, lovely to behold and behind those hills in the distance is the sea, the Atlantic Ocean!

30 thoughts on “A NEW WALK

  1. So glad you got to enjoy our lovely countryside again – you live in a very pretty part of the country. Enjoy and stay safe.

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  2. Walk a lovely walk, Agnes. I loved that stone gate post. So authentic and rustically historic. In Sydney they closed a few beaches in Sydney down during the pandemic because there were too many people and I was dreading ours might be closed. It’s been such a blessing and outlet for me. I’ve also been trying to visit other local beaches and see something different. It looks like local travel is going to be it for a while yet.
    Hope you’re keeping well.
    Best wishes,

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      1. That’s great, Agnes. I’m probably doing the same here, as I’m a Sydney person and I don’t really consider where we live where I’m from. We’re still in Greater Sydney and we’re by the beach and surrounded by nature and the traffic in Sydney has become horrendous. In so many ways I prefer living here, but my identity is still from there, and on top of that I have my international blogging self, which I see as kind of being stateless although I am clearly a proud Australia and spruiking all things Australian on here. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s also a part of me which connects with my Irish and German heritage as well and I did live in Germany for about six months which cemented all of that.

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      2. That’s nice Rowena, yes in a way we are all international anyway, a mixture of races and nationalities, I like it that way even though I do love the authenticity and diversity of cultures and people.


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