I would like to share some scenes of Connemara, I hope that it captures for you the rugged beauty that Connemara is. Situated in the West of Ireland it is a most fascinating place for lovers of archaeology or geology, or just for lovers of peace, quiet, and a special type of beauty. This view is of a stone beach near Galway city, it was a paradise for me.
Inland the landscape is quite barren with bogland, rushes, and low growing gorse which gave a yellow hue to the most fantastic shades of brown and ochre all around.
In all its barren land, there is lushness to be found too, the tender young green here of rhododendrons.
Dull days, showers of rain, mist. And as a little diversion some cattle being moved to another field. I love cows in a landscape, in paintings of pastoral life they often make the painting work I think.
The variety and beauty of the rocks at this beach was amazing.
Peaceful lake, lovely scent of autumn, and the air as fresh as is possible to imagine, you could taste it on the tip of your tongue, delicious!

These are lovely memories of our time spent in Connemara. I hope you enjoyed a bit of our journey too.

We took this journey during early autumn 2019 to celebrate our marriage a few days earlier, it was a fantastic journey and I am thinking back to it during this time of lockdowns, no doubt we will be travelling in Ireland and no further afield this coming summer, we hope so anyway – a staycation they have called it – well we cannot complain, we are not short of interest or beauty in this island.

23 thoughts on “CONNEMARA MEMORIES

  1. Your photos are just perfect and I enjoyed the tour from the other side of the ocean. It is so odd, but in the part of Texas I live in has no rocks. We must pay for them. Of course, in other parts of the US rocks are everywhere.

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  2. thank you for sharing your lovely memories of Connemara. your photos are beautiful! these brought back fond memories from a visit years ago where we enjoyed the lovely kylemore abbey.

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  3. Even though I knew it was damp and desolate, I didn’t imagine the yellow hues of the boggy areas. I don’t mind rain and cooler weather even though it isnt’ pleasant if it is pouring with rain. Love the shot with the cows. I will be following your posts from now on.

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  4. Hi
    I visited your site. Beautiful share you . Wonderful area . Beautiful photo. Amazing nature place. Nice greenery & Cow is landscape. Beautiful write up blog. I like !πŸ‘Œ

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