the lovely colours of magpie feathers

The most beautiful feathers of a lonely magpie that now visits the bird-table every day to our delight.
And other regular visitors to our bird-table right now are some starlings, beautifully covered in silvery speckles.  And there are the blue tits, the great tits and the coal tits in fairly good numbers.  Another observation is that most birds look quite well fed this autumn, especially the sparrows, they look almost obese.  

Dear friends and followers, I have been almost absent from my blog for over a month now, this is because, apart from travelling, I am doing two on-line courses at the moment and my energy and time to attend to my blog is just not there.  In another week or two one of my courses will be finished and I hope to be back to normal.  Meanwhile I wish you all well and I look forward to catch up with you all soon.  Kind regards, Agnes

23 thoughts on “the lovely colours of magpie feathers

  1. I adore the magpie. It has been my favorite bird since… well… forever!
    Thanks for the pictures. Whoever says that the magpie is black and white, can’t see properly…😉
    Both the words magpie and Ekster are very poetic I think.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Agnes. It’s good to see what’s flying around the other side of the world. Our magpies are black and white and I am wondering if the blue came from the light, like my hair used to be jet black but looked blue in the sun.

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    1. Thanks Mary, yes I know what you are referring to with the blue shine on your hair. But even though there might be a little bit of the shine our magpie in the photos, there really is blue on the feathers, and it is very beautiful. I always try to capture it 🙂
      Hope you are keeping well.

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