Just while walking along one road, the coast road of my walk on the first of this year, I found so many wild plants in flower that I would like to share a gallery of them. Meanwhile I am doing some research on them individually and have already come across some interesting facts. It is a great pleasure to become more intimately connected with the Mediterranean flora and to learn more about them. While I was young I studied botany with a teach yourself book, but right during my life-time wild plants, flowers and herbs, and their medicinal and other properties have been of great interest to me, and it gives me great pleasure to learn more about this all the time. By observation as much as by reading, researching and learning about them. The beauty of these wild flowers and the joy of finding them along a walk cannot be underestimated in everyday life, I feel very grateful to have the opportunity.


  1. You really found a lot of beautiful flowers on your walk. I don’t know most of these plants, but they are really nice. Have a wonderful, sunny day, dear Agnes, kind regards Mitza

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  2. Oh, M’dear, I checked out for a month or so, only to open this post to surprise and excitement about spring. I was surprised to read someone found blooming wildflowers at the first of the year. Here in Colorado, I’ve never seen blooming wildflowers mid winter. I can only imagine the pleasure of it (I HAVE planted winter pansies this year, which are blooming through the frost like magic). But just to imagine, and to see, all the flowers you’ve seen, I am now ready for crocuses, and iris, peonies, and poppies…Come on, Garden!

    i have a question for you…in the seventies I read about The Magic of Findhorn. Have you experienced it? Is it real? Oh, would that it were, I would chuckle with delight.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY POSTING FRIEND. You do inspire me to look beyond my navel πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi dear Roxie, and happy new year to you too, and how nice that the flowers cheered you up. Like you, once I grew crocuses, the one year that we had snow in the S.W.of Ireland, the purple crocus fought its way through the snow and it was a delight to see it. Here in Gozo though it is normal for plants to flower at this time of year, even so I was delighted and surprised at the variety. I love wild flowers.
      Findhorn I have only read about, like you. I think that they are a very well organised bunch of people who know what they are doing πŸ™‚
      Cheers Roxy, have a nice day!


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