Mgarr in Gozo has been a fishing harbour and a Ferry port since medeaval times, since the thirteenth century. In the olden days a small jetty was used for passengers to board a ship and for fishermen to unload their catch, it is still there just below the Gleneagles bar.  (which by the way was the name of a ship which operated between Malta and Gozo 1885 – 1914)

The little town was build around this harbour. Further away from the port the rocky shore rises high and steep and is now quite built up in parts. The oldest part of Mgarr still has this feel of days gone by about it, and is quite charming. There are little restaurants and chairs and tables outside where one can watch the goings on of boats and fishermen, but also sample nice fresh seafood of course.  There is a chapel high up on the cliffs, and a plantation of trees near Fort Chambray which also overlooks Mgarr from the West.  We often come here as there is a lovely walk along the shore.  There is a great buzz also of comings and goings.  I guess though that there is even more to Mgarr and that I will discover more in future, something that to look forward to.   I have enjoyed it very much so far.


Overlooking Mgarr Ferry Port, taken from Ghajnsielem.





This is the
Il-Kcina Tal-Barrakka Restaurant during winter, so no tables outside.


A great vantage point where men sit, chat and watch the world go by.


Down at the water and the colourful fishing boat brighten everything up, there are also many modern yachts, and a variety of ferries and pleasure cruise boats.

32 thoughts on “THE FERRY PORT OF MGARR

  1. I first crossed to Gozo and landed at Mgarr in 1997, I remember that the ferry port was a simple concrete jetty which discharged directly onto the street wher buses and taxis waited for passengers. In 2015 I was surprised to find a modern terminal building and a lot more organisation. On the way back we took a stroll around Mgarr and liked it!

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      1. Even before I read the post, I thought of Greece! I do love the simplicity of such places as well but then going by ferry is still simpler than flying anywhere.

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      2. It is a good ferry too Helen, only takes you 30 minutes between Malta and Gozo, going alongside the tiny island of Camino which is also a part of Malta.


  2. I really enjoyed looking at this colorful and sunny post from Malta. Seems to be a wonderful place like nearly all at the Mediterranean. Have a great time, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Yes dear Mitza, there is something about the Mediterranean that is special, is it the light? the foods? the people? music? flora? it is hard to say what it is, but it is very attractive 🙂

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