Last week, and for five days there were carnival celebrations on the Maltese islands. Gozo had celebrations in all the different villages, and then for several days also in Victoria, the main town. I’ve never been one for carnival, I had always looked down on the wildness that I had seen snatches of on TV, but I never knew it could be good fun too and here on Gozo it is a very family oriented festivity with plenty of choreographed dancing, some of it beautiful to watch, and very colourful. So many children and young people taking part. They work hard to get their moves all year long, it creates a good community spirit and comradery and that’s got to be good for a town. I’m just going to share some of my photos, in the past week I did not do anything on WordPress as I was out sick, and then I was touring Gozo with a friend, so no time or energy to write and post, but back on track now and I have plenty of new photos of Gozo to share.



    1. It is very nice indeed, and it seems the way things are here on Gozo, every village had a large modern children’s playground, and for students or young people there are excellent sports facilities. I’m very impressed.

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