Under a bright sun on this midwinter day we took a walk among the limestone rocks and wild plants in Xlendi, a seaside fishing village on Gozo.
It feels so good to be among these beautiful honey coloured rocks, and to see the fresh young green after the days of rain we have experienced.
How beautiful this earth really is and how everything regenerates even when the drought of last year threatened to destroy so many trees and plants. It is a joy to behold all this freshness.
My partner said earlier “today is the shortest day, from now on the days are lengthening again”. Yes ‘light’ is coming, that is what we celebrate on Christmas day after all isn’t it, the ‘light’ coming into the darkness.
There is hope yet for mankind and for the earth, I will never give up hope. Every new little plant that comes up out of the earth even through the rock gives me that hope. People are much more beautiful than we think they are. Love to all my friends at this Christmas time.





32 thoughts on “A GOZITAN MID WINTER

  1. thank you very much for this wonderful post, dear Agnes. To see the beauty in the world needs a sensitive person like you. Have a nice Christmas, too, kind regards from Hamburg, Mitza

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  2. An uplifting message as we leave a year which has had its fair share of horror. I am glad that you notice and appreciate the small things, Agnes.

    Best wishes to you and your family this festive season.

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    1. Yes and how amazing where they grow! You must know that Gozo has hardly any rain at all last year, and it started to rain here only during the second part of November, immediately lots of green started to come up, including these plants on the rocks, how they grow is a mystery to me.


  3. After all the rain we’ve been having here this year, I look up from reading your post, and look out now on this crisp, clear, bright and sunny Christmas Day. I find myself in total agreement with the words you have written. Those words remind me of three other words…a grand pronouncement made after the expenditure of the unfathomable energies that it took to create all this light out of the darkness, and the divine judgement was that…it was good.

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  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful reflective post, Gaia. Good to hear you’ve had some rejuvenating rain and I enjoyed the photos capturing the appearance of that miraculous plants. We have little rain here too and the grass is brown and the garden is struggling. It’s the peak of Summer here and the sun’s rays today had a vengeful power.
    The sunflowers from the MH17 site are flowering in the garden. Three have flowered so far but they do bring hope. I continue to hope they’ll produce seeds. They need to produce seeds and I’m hoping that after getting them this far, they will come in due course. I need to cover the flower with a stocking at some point to catch the seeds and protect them from the birds. The lifecycle of the sunflower has been a journey for us both and I will carry it forward in my heart.
    Wishing you a Happy and blessed New Year!
    xx Rowena

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    1. I enjoyed your story about your sunflowers, what an adventure indeed. You will enjoy eating the seeds eventually I think. Thanks for your nice comment too Rowena, I like to wish you a very nice end to this year and a brand new and lovely beginning and time in 2017!

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      1. I hadn’t even considered eating the seeds. I’m really not sure how many seeds I’m going to get and I’m at least hoping to get a few handfuls to plant the next crop. However, I should be more optimistic. Here’s to sowing a paddock full down the track, although it will need to be in someone else’s paddock.
        Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!
        xx Rowena

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