On the road between Skibbereen and Baltimore, West Cork, there is a most beautiful garden, it is the Inish Beg Estate and recently Ian and I visited it together with my daughter and my five grandchildren, it was a lovely afternoon and being the month of May so many flowers were in bloom, the gardens were looking so very beautiful, the many trees with fresh green foliage, the Rhododendrons, all varieties, were flowering. From a herb and kitchen walled garden, to a fairy house among the trees, everything is thought of.  The children enjoyed it very much too, running along the paths and discovering all sorts of things including sticks which they then ended up comparing with Ian’s walking stick.  And of course they loved the fairy houses.  These gardens comprise 97 acres of woodland, organic pasture and farmland, formal gardens including a the before mentioned walled  garden.  There is an orchard, a bamboo grove and a sunken garden.  And something I did not know about but is mentioned in the brochure of the ‘West Cork Garden Trail’ is that there are 4km of carriage drives.  There is a lot more to this garden and it would be worthwhile to look it up on-line if you are coming to visit West Cork I think.  We just enjoy it as it is so close to where we live.  The birds were singing their hearts out, everything was so very peaceful and beautiful.  We were lucky with the weather, I think that this is Ireland at its best.



    1. Here they call it fried eggs 🙂 not sure of the proper name though, they are open when the sun shines like so many others, and lift their heads to the sun, a beautiful display and good ground cover as I see them along the side of the road sometimes, garden escapes I think.

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      1. I thought of fried eggs when I saw the flowers. I am sure I’ve seen seeds for this plant in some catalogs but can’t remember the name.

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      2. I think I did find the plant. Its Limnanthes douglasii, meadowfoam, and ranges from Oregon to California. Also said to have scented flowers.

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      3. Yes that seems to be the flower all right, thank you for looking it up, I had not done to but now had a look too. Have not smelled the scent but will try next time I see some of these flowers.

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  1. Such a beautiful post, dear Agnes, exactly my taste. All the flowers you photographed are very beautiful. What is this yellow-white flower? Have never seen it before. Have a nice Sunday, kind regards Mitza

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    1. Thank you my friend, it is the Limnanthes douglasii, or poached egg plant, rather than what I said (fried egg), it’s a very cheerful subject to have around, that’s for sure 🙂 Enjoy the evening Mitza.

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